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To be Christ-centred, in enabling the disadvantaged and distressed to have life to the full.


To enrich the quality of life for the disadvantaged and distressed, through integrated and holistic services in partnership with Methodist churches and the community.


Respect Worth and Dignity of People
Uncompromising Integrity
Service before Self
Sound Governance

Our Organizations

Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is all about empowering people to have life to the full.

The seed for the formation of MWS was sown by Mr Peter Joe Chia in June 1976. It took root in 1977 when the board of social concerns of the Trinity Annual Conference, under the leadership of Mr Lee Liat Cheng, appointed Dr Chia Lin Sien to draft a constitution for its formation. This was subsequently presented to the Council of Christian Social Concerns in September 1980 for further action.

A pro-tem committee under the leadership of Mr Richard Tambyah, the chairman of the Council of Christian Social Concerns, subsequently formed to register MWS under the Societies Act. Registration was approved in October 1981, leading to the formal establishment of MWS.

As a Christian non-profit organisation, we serve people across all ethnicities and religions.

We recognise that the people we serve may experience poverty in different ways – weak social support or fractured relationships, poor health, a sense of hopelessness, or a lack of means. We journey alongside them to uncover their inherent strengths, affirm them and support them holistically towards a better life.
While MWS’ sphere of impact has expanded since our founding, our core spirit of social holiness remains unwavering.

Today, we serve over 11,000 beneficiaries, including children from disadvantaged backgrounds, youths at risk, families in distress, seniors who are socially isolated, and the chronically ill and destitute.


Charity Registration No: 00166
Charity Registration Date: 15/04/1985
Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 28/10/1981
ROS/RCB Registration No: 0209/1981WEL
UEN: S81SS 0088H


IPC Registration No.: IPC000360
Validity Period: Up till 30/9/2026
Sector Administrator: Ministry of Social and Family Development


The administration of MWS, its objects, membership, conduct of general meetings, composition and powers / functions of the Board of Governance are provided in the MWS Constitution.

    Winner of Charity Transparency Award 2023
(Large Charities)
Winner of Charity Transparency Award 2019
(Large Charities)
Special Commendation Award for Charity Governance and Management 2018 
Winner of Charity Transparency Award 2018
(Large Charities)
Winner of Charity Governance Award 2014 
(Large Category)
Winner of Non-Profit Organisation of the Year Award 2010
(Philanthropy Management)

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