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26 Feb to 31 Oct 2020

Since 2018, MWS and The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) spearhead The Giving Methodist (TGM) campaign during the season of Lent. The aim is to galvanise Methodists in showing acts of love to people in need.

In celebration of MCS’ 135th anniversary in 2020, MWS created the “Eat Share Connect” idea – a communal dining outreach to bless the community through table fellowship. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the safe management measures that ensued, the campaign’s focus pivoted to raising funds for low-income families who faced more hardships due to the pandemic.

In all, 1,019 families were provided with financial assistance of $1,350 each.

For many of these low-income families who battled complex and multiple challenges, many of them used the financial assistance to cover short-term expenses, such as purchasing daily essential items and paying off daily living debts.

$ 0


with an efficiency
ratio of below 0.1%



Received financial
assistance of $1,350 each

About the beneficiaries

Nearly 7 in 10 earned $500 and below monthly

Nearly 8 in 10 live in 3-room or smaller flats

Families faced multiple and complex issues

0 %

Chronic/severe medical conditions

0 %

Single parent

0 %

household members lost their jobs in past 12 months

0 %

Family members with special needs

Chill@Home with MWS

28 Nov & 5 Dec 2020

MWS held its first virtual fundraising event on coffee and tea appreciation.

Donors were invited to attend coffee and/or tea appreciation workshop(s) presented by partners. The coffee experience included a cupping process, identifying different notes in single origin coffees while those who attended the tea appreciation workshop got to create their own
blends with over 20 tea leaves, flowers and ingredients.

The workshops were hosted by celebrity artiste, Mark Richmond, and Paediatric Emergency Specialist, Dr Jade Kua.

$ 0


with an efficiency
ratio of 20%

Hong Bao Donation Drive 2020/21

Chinese New year 2021

This annual fundraising drive encourages children and youths to give a portion of their hong bao money to the disadvantaged and distressed.

This year, more than $180,000 was raised through 17 schools and kindergartens. 

$ 0


with an efficiency
ratio of 2%

Fellowship on the greens 2020

Nov 2020 to Apr 2021 @ Keppel Club

Despite the strict restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to hold our 32nd MWS Charity Golf Tournament with some changes. The decentralised playing format allowed 207 golfers to pick a slot between November 2020 and April 2021 to play at Keppel Club.

We are grateful to the convening church, Covenant Community Methodist Church and the Organising Committee helmed by Chairperson, Mr Edward Ong and its members, Mr Anton Chan and Mr Barry Tan. 

$ 0


with an efficiency
ratio of 12%

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