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"Walking alongside people in need with love and grace, bringing hope and impacting lives."

In-person volunteering activities were drastically reduced in FY2020/21 due to safe distancing measures implemented to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these restrictions, MWS pivoted to using technology and finding other creative ways to engage our beneficiaries. In particular, 32 webinars on befriending and understanding persons with dementia were organised and saw participation from more than 1,000 people.

Thematic training content was developed not only for MWS volunteers but also for the general audience to inspire their interest in volunteering and to educate them on specific topics. In FY2020/21, MWS developed an introductory module on befriending and on understanding persons with dementia, and launched the MWS Befriender’s Toolkit. Training content on befriending children and youth as well as understanding and communicating with seniors with chronic diseases are in the pipeline.

In December 2020, the MWS Volunteer Leaders’ Support Group (VLSG) was launched. Tapping on seasoned volunteers respected by peer volunteers, the key objectives of the VLSG are:

1. Empower volunteer leaders with knowledge and skills to train and guide other volunteers;
2. Enable the sharing of best practices and experiences; and
3. Emphasise guidelines from MWS.


The first training for volunteer leaders was conducted in March 2021 and focussed on performance coaching. MWS launched the MWS Community Portal, a central volunteer data management system in May 2020.

This online platform enables volunteers to have a holistic view of their volunteering journey, and for MWS to have a comprehensive and integrated view of volunteering data.

This platform has allowed MWS to map out our training plans, enhance communications with volunteers, facilitate cross-centre deployment and generate reports for impact assessment such as manpower savings.

In 2020, the MWS Timebanking Rewards Programme was launched, the first of its kind by a charity. MWS volunteers get to bank in volunteering hours and redeem them for MWS services and merchandise, or commercial products and services sponsored by partners.

We thank our partners for their support:
• Amore Fitness
• EAMart
• Domino’s Pizza
• Duke Bakery
• NTUC FairPrice Foundation
• Knots Café and Living
• Orchid Bowl
• Photobook
• Sentosa Development Corporation
• Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack
• The Soup Spoon
• StarBalm
• Xpressflower.com

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