The spinning top is one of the oldest toys in the world. Likewise, MWSʼ mission to enrich the quality of life for the disadvantaged and distressed is founded on Godʼs age-old command to love our neighbour.

Like the top that cannot stand nor spin by itself, MWS cannot address the communityʼs many complex needs on our own. Instead, we lean on His divine wisdom and guidance, strong community partnerships and a passionate workforce and volunteer army. And just like a spinning top can traverse a great distance with the brisk pull of a cord coiled around it, the collective force will propel us to do good better, together.

Key Highlights

A snapshot of the key results for FY2021/22


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Fundraising cost

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of every dollar raised

went directly to MWS Centres and Programmes

In FY2021/22, MWS received donations and sponsorships amounting to $14.5 million. MWS kept its fundraising cost to 5.7% of funds raised, well below the 30% ceiling guideline set by the Charity Council.

Operating Expenditure

55% Chronically ill, frail & destitute in residential care

16% families in distress

13% Socially Isolated & Frail Seniors in the Community

3% At-risk Youth & Disadvantaged Children

13% Management & Shared Services

Any deficits incurred by programmes were underwritten by MWS.

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Financial Highlights

Fundraising Highlights

Volunteering Highlights


New home, same quality care, better futures for young lives

MWS Girlsʼ Residence moves from St Georgeʼs Lane to Upper Thomson

New service, more seamless care for seniors in community

MWS launches new Senior Care Centre at Eunos

Braving through adversities, forging team resilience

Confronting challenges, including COVID-19, with stronger protocols and mutual support

Honouring the lives behind the work, building MWS for the future

Skills upgrade, care for our people – MWSʼ most valuable asset

Deepening conversations, partnerships and impact

Weighing in on pertinent issues & engaging the community to improve lives

The MWS Brand Story

Since 1981, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) has been serving the disadvantaged and distressed, regardless of age, race and religion. From a single home for 24 elderly sick, MWS has extended our spectrum of care over the years to meet the specific and diverse needs of vulnerable seniors, families and youth.

We empower people to have life to the full by lifting them out of poverty. On top of financial poverty, we also aim to address poverty in the areas of psychosocial as well as physical and emotional health. We strive to achieve this by providing an integrated and holistic helping process for every person who comes through our doors.

Corporate governance report


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