Braving through adversities,
forging team resilience

Confronting challenges, including COVID-19, with stronger protocols and mutual support

2021 proved to be a challenging year as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated with waves of surging caseload. MWS experienced one of our biggest pandemic challenges when our residential care facilities became COVID-19 clusters, leading to a severe crunch in residential care and manpower.

Yet, in the midst of the storm, the tenacity and resourcefulness of the staff, and the MWS teamʼs unity shone through. Clinical staff from one Nursing Home were immediately deployed to plug severe manpower shortage in another, while non-clinical staff took over administrative duties to provide respite to affected colleagues, all while adhering to pandemic protocols.

The pandemic taskforce also went the extra mile to provide care packs to all affected staff, and make daily care calls to ensure all infected staff were well settled despite being in isolation.

MWS also worked closely with the ministries, Agency for Integrated Care and partners in regional healthcare clusters to step up infection control protocols and further safeguard the welfare of our beneficiaries and staff.

The MWS teamʼs unwavering courage and fortitude to face the unknown, and to weather the storm with agility, have strengthened our resilience for future challenges.

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