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"Walking alongside people in need with love and grace, bringing hope and impacting lives."

In 2021, volunteer recruitment for MWS Senior Activity Centres was ramped up to support the new eldercare model to serve all seniors, regardless of their housing type, frailty and income levels. MWS Active Ageing Centre – Kebun Baru piloted the new model, which will support seniors in active ageing, as well as befriending and caring for them through relevant information and care referrals.

To encourage more corporate volunteers to volunteer on a regular basis, MWS embarked on the Volunteer Management Capacity Development (VMCD) project from January 2021 to December 2021. The VMCD project was funded by the National Council of Social Service. Ernst and Young (EY) Singapore served as consultants for the project. MWS worked with EY to redesign existing befriender roles to enhance regular corporate volunteerism. The plan to pilot the redesigned roles would take place in FY2022/23.

In FY2021/22, MWS rolled out the MWS Befrienderʼs Toolkit – Children & Youth edition, a volunteer guide for befriending children and youth. The toolkit aims to equip befriendees with the know-how to communicate effectively and build a relationship with these two groups. Another edition of the toolkit for understanding and engaging people with chronic illnesses was also in production.

In July 2021, MWS hosted its inaugural MWS Empowering Life Awards ceremony over Zoom to honour volunteers who have made significant contributions. There were more than 200 award recipients. Mr David Wong, who served as MWS Chairperson from 2011 to 2015, received the MWS Empowering Lifetime Award, the eventʼs highest honour. Guest performers Lauren Yeo (pictured) and The TENG Ensemble treated over a hundred invited guests to riveting performances. We thank our sponsors Amore Fitness, The Soup Spoon and XpressFlower.com for their support.

Tracking Volunteer Satisfaction

The MWS Annual Volunteer Satisfaction Survey was conducted between 23 February and 1 May 2022 with 106 respondents.

Key percentages are calculated by adding those who responded ʼStrongly Agreeʼ and ʼAgreeʼ. “Others” refers to those who ʼNeither Agree nor Disagreeʼ, ʼDisagreeʼ and ʼStrongly Disagreeʼ.

0 %

Felt they made a positive
difference to the beneficiaries

0 %

felt the communication from the mws centre was clear and concise

0 %

Felt appreciated by the MWS
Centre or Programme Staff 

0 %

were satisfied with availability of MWS staff to help him/her when needed

0 %

Would continue volunteering at MWS in the coming year

0 %

felt their values are aligned
with MWS’ mission and causes

0 %

were satisfied with the amount of time spent at the mws centre or with the mws programme

0 %

felt the mws centre frequently engaged with them

0 %

felt the volunteer training was useful

0 %

were satisfied with the frequency of training provided for his/her role

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