Annual Report FY2022/23

Deeper Connections, Fuller Lives

MWS' Community Eldercare Services for Seniors
who are Socially Isolated and Frail

Senior Activity Centres & Active Ageing Centres

MWS’ Senior Activity Centres and Active Ageing Centres serve as first stops in the community for seniors, to support their ageing at home and in their neighbourhood and to live fuller lives. In FY2022/23, MWS served 84% more seniors through these Centres.


– Organise activities and exercises 

– Befriend socially isolated seniors

– Coordinate wellness screenings and assess health and social needs

– Bridge seniors to MWS services or other care providers

– Provide volunteering opportunities 

Home-Based Care

Seniors who need help with daily living activities may opt to age in place at home with support by our integrated MWS Home Care & Home Hospice team. 


– Help with patient’s daily living activities, and nursing and medical needs

– Home therapy such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy

– Home palliative care, including psychosocial-spiritual support for end-of-life clients and bereavement care for their loved ones

Rehabilitation & Day Care Centre

Launched in January 2022, MWS Senior Care Centre – Eunos works closely with our Active Ageing Centres to care for seniors in the familiarity of the community and their own homes.


– Provide maintenance and dementia day care for seniors
who are frail

– Conduct community rehabilitation to help seniors improve their functional abilities and remain active in the community

Mdm Yap Yock Choon playing on a climbing frame


After having her first child, Mdm Yap Yock Choon developed a debilitating heart condition that left her constantly tired. Things remained unchanged even after a successful heart surgery in 2019. “I spent most of my days lying in bed,” recounted Mdm Yap.

It was around that time that Mdm Yap began coming to MWS Wesley Active Ageing Centre – Jalan Berseh. “She would walk very slowly with her head down, and always appeared listless and lethargic,” recalled Alvin Lau, MWS Wellness Coach. “Upon our encouragement, Mdm Yap started regularly attending our exercise programmes.” 

After close to a year of gradually intensified and consistent workouts, Mdm Yap’s stamina and energy levels vastly improved.

Today, Mdm Yap is the poster child of ageing well. At 73, she leads an active, sociable lifestyle that includes doing modified parkour (which entails navigating narrow obstacles) and rock climbing. 

“Exercising has proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent or reverse frailty,” said Alvin. “Keeping active is a key part of ageing well.”

Mdm Yap knows this all too well. “In the past, I rarely left my house as I always felt weak and tired. I was also very depressed. But now, I live a life with hope, as I have the energy to do the things I want,” she said. “The staff at MWS Wesley Active Ageing Centre made the impossible become possible for me. I was like a withered flower, and they revived me.”

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