Annual Report FY2022/23

Deeper Connections, Fuller Lives

Innovation in Care Programme

Tackling Isolation & Inactivity Among Seniors with Adaptive Sports

To reduce loneliness and inactivity among residents at MWS Christalite Methodist Home (CMH) during the pandemic lockdowns in 2022, MWS’ Allied Health team developed and ran an Adaptive Sports programme – a line-up of modified sports activities – that enable seniors of differing physical abilities to participate. Among MWS CMH residents who participated in Adaptive Sports, 80% of them either maintained or experienced improved physical function. Participants’ sociability, mood and energy levels also improved. The programme has since been expanded to cover MWS Senior Care Centre – Eunos, and MWS Senior Activity Centres and Active Ageing Centres.

Taking Health and Fitness to New Heights

A group of seniors at MWS Wesley Active Ageing Centre – Jalan Berseh have been testing their limits through modified parkour and rock-climbing. Under close supervision, the seniors navigated tight spaces and physical obstacles in an urban environment. Besides improved strength and health, these seniors – most of whom being well over 70 years old – have also overcome their limiting beliefs.

Using Trauma-informed Design
to Promote Safety

MWS Family Service Centre – Yishun underwent renovations that integrated the principles of trauma-informed care into the physical space to promote safety, well-being and healing for clients with prior experiences of trauma. Some new features include a neutral colour scheme for a calmer environment and frosted windows in the counselling rooms for added privacy.

Corporate governance report


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