Annual Report FY2022/23

Deeper Connections, Fuller Lives

MWS' Support for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Student Care Centre

Our Student Care Centre provides after-school care and supervision to school-going children from Primary 1 to Secondary 2 levels with a safe environment to build character, skills and values, as well as nurture their well-being and creativity.

How We Serve

– Teach students life skills and values that develop their character

– Facilitate holistic learning and development through civic education, music and movement, art and aesthetics and indoor exercise

– Work with parents, churches, schools, corporate organisations and other partners to holistically nurture the children’s well-being

Simon Liew (middle) with fellow students at MWS Christalite Student Care Centre

Making progress

When 8-year-old Simon Liew first joined MWS Christalite Student Care Centre (CSCC) in January 2022, he had no formal education in Singapore, and lacked basic English literacy and numeracy skills. 

Raised in a Mandarin and Vietnamese-speaking home environment, Simon had no opportunities to converse in English.  

To build his foundational English skills, MWS CSCC staff taught Simon to read and recognise the alphabet, and guided him in reading and writing in English daily. The Centre also matched Simon with a volunteer for weekly English and Math tuition. Now, Simon is able to speak and read simple English, and solve basic Math problems.

Vivian Phuah, Manager of MWS CSCC, said, “When Simon first joined us, he would communicate in Vietnamese or Mandarin with another fellow Vietnamese student. But we encouraged both of them to use English. Today, Simon is able to converse in simple English and socialise with the other children, which has boosted his self-esteem.” 

Expressing his gratitude, Simon’s father, Mr Liew, said: “I’m so happy that my son’s English and Math grades have improved a little and he has more friends now because he can speak English. I’m really thankful to the teachers for guiding him in his studies.”

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