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A Zeal for Works of Mercy

Bishop – The Methodist Church in Singapore                        Patron – Methodist Welfare Services


Bishop – The Methodist Church in Singapore

Patron – Methodist Welfare Services

Methodists regard John Wesley as the founder of Methodism (even though he was still an ordained Anglican priest when he died). In a sermon entitled “On Zeal”, Wesley said that disciples ought to be zealous in doing both “works of piety” and “works of mercy”.

By “works of piety”, Wesley meant the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, fasting, holy communion and observance of Sabbath worship. These are the kind of things which our local churches zealously promote.

But Wesley spoke also of “works of mercy”, and by this, he was referring to acts of charity and compassion to the poor and homeless, to those in prisons or confined in nursing homes and hospitals.

We call this the work of Social Concerns, or our Methodist Welfare Services (MWS). Such “works of mercy” or welfare services have been, and I hope will continue to be, one of the strongest emphases of The Methodist Church.

Wesley regarded such “works of mercy” as the most important mark or characteristic of true disciples. Wesley even said that godly persons should be “more zealous for works of mercy”. Should there be occasion where “one interferes with the other, works of mercy are to be preferred. Even reading, hearing, prayer are to be omitted, or to be postponed, at charity’s almighty call; when we are called to relieve the distress of our neighbour, whether in body or soul”.

Thank you all for your support and service in MWS. May God give us renewed strength for the years ahead as we continue the good “works of mercy” which will help to provide many more with Deeper Connections & Fuller Lives.

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