Annual Report FY2022/23

Deeper Connections, Fuller Lives

MWS' Residential Care Services for those
who are Chronically Ill and Destitute

  Nursing Homes

Seniors who need help with daily living activities receive 24/7 residential care and customised rehabilitation at our Nursing Homes. Our Nursing Homes also offer short-term respite care for caregivers who require a break.

How We Serve

– Provide medical and nursing care for residents with geriatric, palliative or dementia care needs

– Conduct exercises to preserve residents’ function and mobility

– Organise activities to enhance residents’ quality of life and slow
cognitive decline

– Assist with activities of daily living

– Offer pastoral care and counselling, and conduct family conferences

– Support caregivers’ psychosocial needs and caregiving needs

– Provide funding support if required

Welfare Home for the Destitute

MWS runs a Welfare Home for destitute persons, where the focus is on rehabilitation and reintegration. About 75% of residents may have permanent residency in the Welfare Home while approximately 17% may potentially reintegrate into the community. The remaining 8% of residents will likely become frailer and may need to be admitted to other institutions that can deliver the appropriate care.

How We Serve

– Rehabilitate residents through casework and physical, cognitive, emotional and social intervention

– Improve resident’s quality of life to the maximum of his or her ability

– Maintain physical function and delay decline through maintenance and prevention


Mr Zakaria (left) and his son are both residents of MWS Nursing Home – Yew Tee

In good hands

87-year-old Mr Zakaria is a widower and had 5 children. However, they are all mentally incapacitated and 2 of them have since passed on while the rest are institutionalised. In 2019, he was admitted to MWS Nursing Home – Yew Tee (YTNH) after a fall.

Unfortunately, his fourth child subsequently also needed more care and upon Mr Zakaria’s request, was transferred to MWS YTNH. “Having gone through multiple losses, Mr Zakaria is very grieved,” said MWS Chaplain, Chua Chiew Poh, who often visits Mr Zakaria to lend him a listening ear and encourage him when he is feeling down. “But he is also very comforted by the care he and his son receive here.” 

“I enjoy the company and activities here. Most of all, I feel assured knowing that both of us are well taken care of,” said Mr Zakaria.  

As Mr Zakaria suffers from dementia, he also joined dementia-related activities, such as rhythm-centred music-making using Soundbeam. The touch-free motion sensor device enables users to create music with body movements. Michelle Lee, founder & CEO of I’m Soul Inc, who runs the Soundbeam activity, said, “We have seen a pattern of sustained improvement of mood and memory in our clients with dementia.” 

Such engagements have been helpful in Mr Zakaria’s healing journey. “While it has been difficult for him, he seems more at peace now,” observed Chiew Poh. “Despite the trials he experienced, he often counts his blessings and thank God for His providence.” 

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