Annual Report FY2022/23

Deeper Connections, Fuller Lives

MWS' Support for Families Experiencing Distress

Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centre

As a regional centre, the Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centre (FAM@FSC) team of MWS provides family and marital counselling, and offers divorce support for divorcing and divorced couples in managing tensions and family transitions.

How We Serve

– Provide family counselling to
resolve personal, marital or child
behavioural issues

– Offer counselling for couples
considering divorce, and support
for divorcing and divorced

Parenting Support Programme


We are a regional Parenting Support Provider appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development to offer the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and Signposts programme to parents in schools.

How We Serve

– Support and guide individuals who
are facing parenting challenges

– Provide parents with counselling,
information and referrals to other
relevant services


Debt Relief/Savings Programme


Low-income families who face debt may also be wrestling with other challenges. MWS Family Service Centres offer holistic support to such families and where appropriate, extend assistance through MWS Family Development Programme — an asset-building scheme.

How We Serve

– Match with $2 every dollar of
debt cleared or savings
accumulated by the client

– Provide cash assistance

– Provide information on financial
schemes and resources to
families in need

Family Service Centres

MWS’ trio of Family Service Centres work with families and individuals who face complex and multiple challenges to customise holistic care plans for them.   

How We Serve

– Provide casework intervention and counselling

– Provide information and make referrals to relevant agencies

– Reach out to residents in the neighbourhood and provide resources that strengthen community cohesion

Ms Masni (left) with MWS Family Support Programme counsellor Jencie Vijaya

Parenting Better

As a lecturer, Ms Masni was used to giving instructions, until her one-way communication style led to her struggling to get her adolescent boys to listen and cooperate.

So for 2 months in 2022, the 40-year-old attended the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) ran by MWS Family Support Programme (FSP). Through Triple PMs Masni was equipped with practical tools to manage her children’s behaviour. 

“On hindsight, my children’s behavioural issues stemmed from them feeling unheard,” reflected Ms Masni. “I learnt to communicate better with my children, for example, by offering them suggestions instead of commands. I used to make decisions for them but now, I listen and respect their views.”

Jencie Vijaya, an MWS FSP counsellor who worked with Ms Masni, said, “By encouraging autonomy in her children, she is instilling confidence in them, and giving them room to grow in resilience and independence.”

Ms Masni’s relationship with her children has also improved as they now feel more comfortable confiding in her. In addition, she was reminded of the importance of self-care, something she had neglected previously.

She mused, “I know new challenges will come, but equipped with the Triple P tools, I feel more empowered as a parent to raise strong, emotionally-healthy kids.” 

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