The Desire To Change

   March 08, 2016     31627 views


When Eunice (pictured second from left) was sentenced to Residence @ St. George’s (RSG) for stealing beer and handphones, she had no interest in anything, including studying, working, or the programmes at the girls’ hostel.

She felt restricted and was generally negative about having to stay at the girls’ hostel for at-risk youth, said her caseworker at RSG.

But one year later when she graduated from RSG in March this year, Eunice left a different person. She is gainfully employed in a stable job and is set to further her education in retail.

The change came about gradually, as Eunice gained exposure through the hostel’s programmes, and learnt to stay away from negative influences. With help from her caseworker, she set goals for herself, and took steps to achieve them.

"I'm glad to have been given a second chance," Eunice said.

The change in Eunice’s life was palpable. She would gather the other RSG residents to meet earlier so they would not be late to return from their home leave. She would even counsel other girls from breaking the rules or running away, explaining to them the consequences.

“She was a servant leader,” said Ms Xie (pictured second from right), her caseworker at RSG. “She has learnt to be honest with herself, and own up to her mistakes. I’m most proud of her desire to change and improve her life.”

If you'd like to help other girls like Eunice, you can give or volunteer towards their rehabilitation.

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