Simple things

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Once a month, our girls at Residence @ St. George's are given a day to build bonds and reconnect with loved ones at our Family Workshop.

This experience was particularly significant to one of their girls, Peh Shu Hui.

In May, the hostel gave the girls an opportunity to cook for their families, and Shu Hui jumped at the opportunity to learn from the chefs at Eureka Cooking Lab, to try her hands at a dish of spaghetti for her father.

She recounts the day of the ‘Cookout’, where both father and daughter waited and prepared in anticipation.

“For all these years, my father has been the one providing for the family. This time, through a meal, I get to show my appreciation for all he has done.”

As a way to express their encouragement towards their daughters, families reciprocated with letters of heartfelt appreciation.

“It was nice to see my father recognising my changes,” she added, recounting the process she went through, while learning the ropes from chefs, and experimenting along the way.

“I saw my father’s face light up the moment I brought out my spaghetti, and even though it was a cuisine he rarely had, he finished the meal with joy, at the thought and effort behind it. It meant a great deal to him.”

Through this experience, Shu Hui learnt that it was the simple things that truly meant much, both, for her and her parents.

“They don’t ask for much, all they want is the special attention we give, when we write a card or cook a meal. These simple things brighten their day.”

Edited from Peh Shu Hui

Ex-resident of Residence @ St George’s


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