From Tantrums to Discipline

Looking at how 7-year-old Jaedon Khoh interact with other children today, one would never imagine that he was difficult to manage in his pre-school years.

Raised in a single-parent home and cared for by his grandmother while his mother Madam Khoh works full-time, he lacked proper discipline and guidance.

Jaedon had difficulty adapting in his first year of school at 4 years old. His disruptive behaviour included continually opening and slamming doors. He would constantly wander off midway through lessons. Teachers also noticed his frequent angry outbursts, especially after getting corrected or punished.

D’Joy teachers suggested for Madam Khoh to have Jaedon evaluated at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with behavioural issues and a short attention span. Although this posed a challenge to teachers, they were committed to monitor and engage him and had more one-on-one teaching time.

Over the next three years, Jaedon’s behaviour and learning capacity improved tremendously. Although he is now in primary school, he frequently recounts happy memories of his time at D’Joy.

“I am very thankful for the special care showered on Jaedon by his teachers. D’Joy went the extra mile to keep me involved in his development and learning,” says Mdm Khoh.

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