How MWS Manages Talent

MWS was mentioned in EY Singapore’s Voluntary Welfare Organisations: how boards can help in human capital management as a case study of how our Board of Governance enhances our talent.

This is what they said:

The Methodist Welfare Services (MWS), founded in 1981, is a multiservice charity that provides a myriad of services for children, families, the chronically ill, destitute and frail elderly. Through its services, MWS aims to nurture disadvantaged children, empower families in distress, care for the elderly and engage the socially isolated in the community.

The overall winner of the Large Category for the Charity Governance Awards in 2014, MWS has established strong talent management practices to attract, motivate and retain talent. The board plays a crucial oversight role in management of these practices, with a focus on the following areas:

1. The HR committee, which reports directly to the board, is consulted on all major HR-related policies and procedures. For issues pertaining to payout to staff (e.g., performance bonuses), approval from the Finance Committee will also be sought as well. Thereafter final approval will be required from the board to allow for good governance over HR-related issues.

2. The board and the various Centre Governance Committees are involved in the recruitment of senior and critical positions within MWS.

3. The board monitors the macro-level talent indicators and ensures alignment with human capital guidelines developed by the NCSS and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

Read the entire Voluntary Welfare Organisations: how boards can help in human capital management for more information.

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