Looking ahead, I aspire to be a staff nurse one day and serve those in need. I will continue to work hard towards my dream! ”

Huda, Former resident of MWS Girls’ Residence

At the tender age of 11, Huda lost her father — her confidante and best friend. For years, she could not process the traumatic grief and ended up mixing with bad company, playing truant and losing interest in her studies. Huda’s relationship with her family also worsened over the years as communication broke down.

Eventually, at 15, she was referred to MWS Girls’ Residence (GR) and began her healing journey. At MWS GR, Huda received guidance on how to manage her emotions and grief. The team at MWS GR also created a safe environment for Huda to manage her anxiety and study for her N-Level examinations at the same time. With her determination and the recommendation of MWS GR, she now works as a residential care associate in a local nursing home.

Trauma is a common outcome of adverse life experiences, such as the loss of a loved one that Huda experienced. The staff at MWS are trained to take a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) approach with our clients. We recognise the impact of traumatic experiences and enable clients to be in the driver’s seat of their recovery. Through this, Huda was empowered to rebuild her life and be on track to realise her dream of being a nurse.

Huda is just one of the many beneficiaries whom MWS supports with holistic care. Today, MWS helps almost 9,000 beneficiaries regardless of race, age and religion, many of whom face complex issues and require long term support. They are seniors battling chronic illness, families facing multiple stresses and individuals torn apart by adverse childhood experiences.

Your generous donation allows us to bring hope to brokenness and make living life to the full a reality.

Huda (L) with Ms Subhashini, Senior Social Worker of MWS Girls’ Residence

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