The MWS Family
Our Happy Staff
It is more than satisfying to be able to meet the needs of those who greatly need our care at their most vulnerable state which often occurs at one’s dying phase. This is why I chose a path that allows me to guide patients and their families through the stormy weather and ensuring as much as possible, a smooth rather than an abrupt landing at the end.

Though it is sad for me to see patients pass on, I hope my journey with them would have made a difference in their lives and may they find the peace of God in them.
Melissa, MWS Home Care
Our Happy Staff
I have been in employment with MWS since Sept 1998 and would summarize my journey at MWS with this acronym: G.L.A.D

G for Growth: There were many opportunities of growth and learning during my journey from a rookie Social Worker to a Head of Centre.

L for Love: I have the great opportunity to love God and serve Him as a Social Worker, and have the opportunity to operationalize my faith in action.

A for Affirmation/Acknowledgement: I am happy to receive encouragement and affirmation for the effort I have invested in all the projects which have been entrusted to me thus far.

D for Drive for Excellence: I am very privileged to be given many chances to work alongside with different teams of co-workers with high standards for professionalism and excellence.

It is with gladness and gratitude to God that I believe I would be able to sustain my passion for the work and keep the drive going. I look forward to many more happy years ahead!
Connie Ng, MWS Family Service Centre - Yishun
Our Happy Staff
One of the best places for a social worker to be is in the community setting and working with MWS at MWS-Tampines Family Service Centre has allowed me this invaluable opportunity. It’s a very, very exciting world of putting my skills to use in the everyday live of residents who seek assistance. There has also been plenty of opportunity for growth as a professional where I am even able to use my training as a Sandplay Therapy practitioner to use, and to see its benefits in the lives of clients I work with. The openness of the organization to utilizing and harnessing new skills is what keeps the work fresh, alive and relevant. I enjoy the supportive environment of colleagues, especially the senior workers whom I can count on to seek peer consultation and who bring with them, their own perspectives of working with clients. All in all it is a good place to be!
Audrey, TFSC
Our Happy Staff
After 30 years in the Civil Service and 10 years in the private sector, there was a calling that I very much wanted to serve the less fortunate, the less able and the elderly.

I have enjoyed every moment as an Executive Welfare in my daily duties. There was not a single moment that was mundane. Every resident in our Home needs some kind of help and assistance in their daily life. Although there are some who will demonstrate challenging behaviours in their moments of distress, pains and frustrations, I find much fulfilment in providing comfort, joy and love to all residents in our Home regardless of their sex, race or religion.

At the end of each day I find that I have done something wonderful, satisfying and look forward to my next shift duty.
Wang Robert, CMH
Our Happy Staff
I started out at CMH as a welfare officer. Three years in, I was given an opportunity to go for the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) examinations to be an Assistant Nurse. Later, I was given another opportunity to take the Registered Nurse Exam, after which I became a Staff Nurse.

Through my 14 years of serving in CMH, there were days where it was difficult to carry on but God blessed me and gave me strength to continue. Every step of the way was a new experience for me. I think words cannot express my thankfulness and gratitude that I feel for growing in CMH all these years.
Emma Alverez Maganye, CMH

As a part of the MWS family, you have the opportunity to impact the lives of those in our society who are less fortunate, help families out of crisis, provide care to the aged sick and a home to the destitute.


We are grounded by our Christian Values, with our hearts going to those in need, respecting the worth and dignity of everyone, regardless of race, gender, language or religion.

Each of us are motivated by the Passion to serve with compassion and the perseverance to reach out to the poor and needy, even amidst new challenges.

Our people have great Commitment, and the willingness to go the extra mile, spend time to build relationships, and view setbacks as learning opportunities.

In partnership with our stakeholders, we serve to rebuild and impact lives so that all may have life to the full.

Our Culture

We place great importance on work life balance and safety for our employees. We respect people from all backgrounds and strive to excel in diversity. Opportunities are available for all employees to continuously self-develop and improve. We practice an open-door policy in the workplace and believe in sound governance.

Our Talents

Our talents are passionate and competent individuals who do their best to serve others, sharing our vision, mission and values. We emphasise talent development through learning and development programmes, performance assessments, and we value staff who have the courage to take on challenges. Career paths that maximise potential, capabilities and provide cross-functional opportunities are available to talented individuals. We recognise our talents’ performance and competencies through rewards and retention programmes that are fair, ethical and purposeful.