MWS Family Development Programme

Low-income families who face debt may also be wrestling with other challenges such as relationship breakdowns, job loss and healthcare issues. MWS Family Service Centres offer holistic support to such families and where appropriate, extend assistance through MWS Family Development Programme — an asset-building scheme.

Our Aims

  • Transform lower-income families’ attitudes and behaviour towards their finances. We do so by increasing the families’ net worth, supporting them in building assets to provide buffer for crises, reducing anxiety related to chronic financial distress, and increasing emotional and mental capacity
  • This programme is targeted at those living on per capita income of less than $850 a month

How We Serve

  • Match with $2 every dollar of debt cleared or savings accumulated by the family, so that they may get out of debt or build assets more quickly
  • Provide information on the various schemes and resources available to families seeking financial assistance

Our Care Approach

Recognising that Chronic Debt affects Cognitive Bandwidth

  • We identify and mobilise assets within the community — such as schools, churches, grassroots organisations, corporate and individual volunteers — to help families overcome their challenges
  • Our clients are also perceived as assets, with skills, resources and potential to contribute towards solutions

Trauma-informed Care

  • Debt has a psychological impact on those facing financial distress and may affect their ability to think clearly or make decisions that improve their circumstances
  • We extend financial aid to such families before they fall into chronic debt or have exhausted their finances so as to ease their anxiety and enhance their emotional capacity for planning
  • This programme includes counselling, casework and financial literacy training for the clients. It adopts a longer time frame, not a one-time assistance, to give clients more time to make changes that will contribute towards clearing debt and developing a habit of saving

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MWS Family Development Programme

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