MWS Senior Care Centre – Eunos

MWS Senior Care Centre – Eunos is co-located with Eunos Polyclinic and the future MWS Nursing Home – Eunos for better integration of healthcare services for the community. Launched in January 2022, the Centre works closely with our Active Ageing Centres to care for seniors in the familiarity of the community and their own homes. Approximately 60-70% of the Centre’s day care slots are catered to those with dementia.

Our Aims

  • Provide a home-like environment for frail seniors during the day while their caregivers are at work
  • Maximise seniors’ ability to perform activities of daily living, especially following a serious injury or illness, by offering a range of active rehabilitation services

How We Serve

  • Provide maintenance day care, such as assistance with daily living activities and meal preparation for seniors who are frail
  • Offer dementia day care, with a focus on stimulating cognitive abilities and slowing the progression of dementia
  • Conduct community rehabilitation, such as active rehabilitation that includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help seniors improve their functional abilities and remain active in the community

Our Care Approach

Person-Centred Care

  • Our seniors and their caregivers are at the centre of decisions regarding their care, and we work alongside them to ensure their needs are met holistically
  • We see our seniors as individuals, with desires, values, family situations and lifestyles that should be considered in developing a care plan with them

National One-Rehab Framework

  • The framework is a care model that was first introduced by the Ministry of Health in March 2021
  • Our rehabilitation patients enjoy a customised outcome-based programme that gives them access to the right level of rehabilitative care in a timely manner

Get Involved

MWS Senior Care Centre – Eunos

1 Chin Cheng Avenue
Singapore 429400
Tel: 6530 3635

Opening Hours:

7am – 7pm

Closed on weekends and public holidays

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