Fellowship on the Greens 2016

   June 11, 2015     3217 views


Methodist Welfare Services Charity Golf Tournament Fellowship on the Greens 2016
Raffles Country Club
15 July 2016 (Friday)

Our seniors took care of us in one way or another as parent, grandparent or as a member of the community in the past. Let's now care for them to alleviate their pain and suffering when they become chronically ill and destitute. 

'It's All About Them' centres on making an impact on our chronically ill and frail elderly residents at MWS' Bethany Methodist Nursing Home (BMNH). Many of them are in their twilight years, need nursing care and help with even simple daily activities. Our residents are primarily from low income families and low or no family support. Over 70% of them require intensive nursing care and help in their daily activities such as feeding, toileting and bathing. The residents receive medical, nursing and dental care, as well as occupational and physiotherapy to help alleviate their pain and suffering. Under the care of MWS, beneficiaries at BMNH are able to receive the help they need without worries over the expenses. More than 80% of the residents at BMNH do not pay or pay very minimal fees.

Support the cause by giving here, and gathering your families and friends' support for the movement!