Hard but necessary, challenging yet fulfilling – these are just a few ways to describe the multi-faceted load that Social Workers carry to support and uplift those they serve. In our 3 MWS Family Service Centres, social workers work tirelessly to meet the needs of the distressed families who walk through their doors.

Social workers are a core part of the work that MWS does. They carry out the hard work of journeying with beneficiaries through their challenges, and guiding them to find the support they need. As caseloads continue to grow heavier, social workers work unseen to help individuals and families in navigating the way forward despite the difficulties they face.

Though their efforts are hidden and at times overlooked, the lives they have touched are indelibly changed and transformed. Take time this month to leave a note of encouragement for a social worker you know, or appreciate them through a post on social media!

Transforming her own pain into purpose, click below to get a glimpse into this MWS Social Worker’s journey. 

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