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Serving Is His Cup Of Tea

66-year-old Ah Guan* is a welcome sight to our residents. Every day at 9am, he opens the shutters of the cosy ‘kopitiam’ and serve residents who ‘buy’ coffee, tea, buns and biscuits with tokens earned from participating in activities. Ah Guan is however not the boss or employee of the ‘kopitiam’, but a resident at MWS Christalite Methodist Home like his customers.

His parents passed away when he was just a boy. With no formal education and next-of-kin, he slept at public places before being admitted to hospital in 2012 for chest discomfort and giddiness. He was later referred to us.

Ah Guan is given the task of running the ‘kopitiam’ as he is well-liked and responsible. If you see him action, he looks every part the friendly ‘kopitiam’ boss.


Nursed Back To Health

When he was admitted to MWS Bethany Methodist Nursing Home - Choa Chu Kang in July 2013, Mr Tan was bedbound and required total assistance with mobility, feeding and incontinence care. Mr Tan has been mentally challenged since childhood. His 78-year-old mother, who earns $1,500 a month as a cleaner, was unable to take care of him. Under the care of our multi-disciplinary team, Mr Tan’s limbs became stronger and he gained some healthy weight. He is now able to sit in a wheelchair for rehabilitative activities.

Spending His Last Days with His Loved Ones

Mr Sum was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2012. His condition gradually worsened. Now unable to speak and swallow, he has to use a feeding tube and suction motor. We helped to fulfil his wish to be discharged from the hospital and spend his last days at home surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren. Being around his loved ones brightens Mr Sum’s days as our MWS Home Hospice medical social worker and nurses provide quality palliative home care for him.

Working towards walking

A stroke greatly debilitated Mr Koh and left him wheelchair-bound. Intensive rehabilitative support from the multi-disciplinary team at MWS Bethany Methodist Nursing Home - Choa Chu Kang gave him the hope and care he needed to improve his functions. He can now walk with assistance, allowing him to engage in activities in the home.

The Challenges
Our chronically ill, destitute and frail, many of whom are in their twilight years, need nursing care and
help with even simple daily activities.

How You Can Help

Your giving will provide the chronically ill, destitute and frail with the care they need
to alleviate their pain and suffering.


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