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In the last few years, single mother Mdm Kong struggled to provide for her two children. Not making enough, she defaulted on utilities and rent. Through the GOOD Programme in 2015, her debts were fully cleared, liberating her from daily anxiety. She now draws a stable income and is empowered to start life anew for the sake of her young sons.

Baking out of adversity

Leaving her husband, with little savings and a huge medical bill, she sought help from MWS Covenant Family Service Centre - Hougang. Through support and counselling from her social worker, Elaine began to offer cooking and baking services that allowed her to relieve her financial burdens and boosted her self-confidence.
Today, Elaine is more confident of overcoming her difficulties, and is also giving back to the community by volunteering at MWS Covenant FSC to support other single mothers.

Extreme anxiety almost wrecked her life

Madam Lim*, a housewife and mother of three, made the grave mistake of being a guarantor for an $18,000 loan taken out by a friend. When the friend absconded, she was saddled with the debt. The sole income brought in by her husband was barely enough to meet the basic need of the family of five. Traumatised, Madam Lim suffered two mental breakdowns and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Madam Lim came to MWS Covernant Family Service Centre - Hougang for help during this dark period. She received professional and intensive therapy, help and encouragement from MWS Covenant FSC over 14 months. From needing to see the social worker every day, she found the confidence to land a job as an administrative assistant.

One day she called MWS Covenant FSC’s social worker and informed her that she no longer needed the service. Her parting words – if she did call again, it would not be a cry for help but an invitation for coffee.

*Not her real name

Playing with feelings

How do you help an 11-year-old who had seen and endured physical abuse from his father for the first seven years of his life? This was what we grappled with when Jason* came through our doors, referred by Child Protection Services.

Sandplay therapy was used to draw out the inner turmoil that Jason found difficult to express in words. In the first seven sessions with the therapist, he created battlefields in the sand tray. Medieval knights would be on one warring side with modern day soldiers on the other, which might link to old and recent conflicts. The Hulk took centre stage, embodying extreme anger.

Jason had since completed 15 sessions of sandplay therapy and was highly engaged in working through issues on violence. With continued support from our therapists and the care from his stepfather with whom he shared a loving mutual bond, this young boy might just put his traumatic past behind him and have a positive fresh start.


A Young Boy’s Grief

Brian is just 11 years old but has experienced sadness beyond his years. His parents divorced when he was very young and he has not seen his father ever since. Uprooted from the family home, he and his mother moved out to a 2-room flat. Without any family network or support, life was stressful and hard to fathom for a young boy.

We came to know Brian through the Rainbows support group that we run. Through the programme, he was guided and supported in dealing with his grief. Through the care and help from the community of volunteers, Brian and his mother’s welfare and outlook improved. Even though he has lost his father, Brian found out that there are many others who care.

Battered & Bruised in Flesh, But Not in Spirit

Elizabeth was a housewife and mother of four young children when her abusive husband was incarcerated. Even worse, she was left to carry the debt owed to loan sharks by her husband. Despite her low educational qualifications and limited skills, she resolved to work hard and take care of her children’s needs singlehandedly. When her husband was released, she continued to suffer physical abuse. Tired and scared, she sought refuge with the police and applied for a Personal Protection Order against her husband.

With the monthly financial assistance and befriending support through MWS’ ‘Walk With The Poor’ Programme, educational help for her children through MWS’ Tutoring Programme, and monthly counselling with MWS social workers, Elizabeth found new peace of mind and assuredness to manage her financial problems, and the continuing harassment from her estranged husband.

The Challenges

Families are facing increasingly complex and multiple issues such as:

Financial Distress

Family Violence

Marital Issues

At-Risk Children

Chronic Health Conditions

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