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The Challenges
Come 2030, elderly over the age of 64 will comprise 20% of our population and 83,000 of them will live alone. Some of the issues that they face include:

Chronic Medical Conditions

Psycho-Emotional Conditions

Restriction of Mobility

Loved by her community

When widowed 77-year-old Mdm Chin fell gravely ill in 2015, members and volunteers from MWS Charis ACE - Geylang East banded together to provide much needed comfort to her. Aunty Kah Lan, as she is affectionately known, was greatly warmed by the community of support that got her through this difficult time. After a successful operation, she was able to rejoin the centre’s activities and, more importantly, her friends.

Alone Yet Not Lonely

Every day from 12 midnight to two in the morning, 66-year-old Madam Khoo cuts a lonesome figure scouring for discarded newspapers, boxes and empty drink cans around Jalan Berseh area to sell in the morning to recycling wholesalers.

During weekends, she washes dishes and cleans tables at a restaurant, a job she has held for 15 years. Madam Khoo is single and used to have two female roommates, sworn sisters, who both died from cancer.

Being at MWS Wesley Senior Activity Centre - Jalan Berseh, allows her to make new friends, take part in the morning exercises and many other activities, Madam Khoo was able to get over her grief of losing her beloved friends and finally stop her toiling for a while and enjoy the warmth of home and family.

How You Can Help

Your giving will provide seniors with the necessary environment and programmes they need to age gracefully.


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