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Learning to Trust

Caroline’s mother left home when she was just two years old. Her father struggled to juggle work and caregiving responsibilities. Caroline was brought to MWS D’Joy Children’s Centre, but she was fearful of being abandoned once again. The care and assurance from teachers at MWS D’Joy helped Caroline to trust and make friends. With Caroline well taken care of, Mr Chang can now work with peace of mind.

Lawyer in the Making

From the moment she saw a lawyer at work when she was 18, MWS Bursary Programme recipient Phoebe Tan knew she wanted to be one.

Setting her eyes on the prize and through sheer hard work, she was accepted in to the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore in 2014. Coming from a low-income background has not deterred her from being the best that she can be. Phoebe also gained much valuable advice and guidance from her two mentors through the MWS Bursary Programme.

From Barely Passing to Band 1

Nur Shakira Nisha B. Azzahid used to scrape through English. However with the individualised coaching from teachers at MWS D'Joy Student Care Centre and the MWS Tutoring Programme, she scored 88% in the next mid-year examination. She has also made steady progress in Mathematics and Science.

The tutoring sessions not just provided much needed help to her studies but also boosted her self esteem when she achieved better grades. Shakira also participated in the MWS Children in Performing Arts programme which gave her the opportunity to develop her creative talents.

Ties That Bind

Often unsupervised at home, sisters Hazel and Vevina Lim had difficulties in their school work and frequent fights with each other. But when they were referred to Daybreak Student Care Centre (DSCC), they found a place where they could spend their afterschool hours meaningfully and fruitfully.

At DSCC, staff are on hand to supervise them in their school work, and through the programmes and activities, the sisters grew closer. Hazel was given tutoring support through the MWS Tutoring Programme, while Vevina's learning difficulties were assessed professionally. She was found to have mild dyslexia and placed on therapy.

The Challenges

Children who experienced multiple instances of failure can end up losing the motivation to even try. This is especially true for underprivileged children who lack supervision and guidance at home. They may also have to cope with tumultuous conditions at home, such as neglect, financial stress and conflicts.

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