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Aspiring top Chef

Lina once had more interest in fighting, drinking and taking drugs than studying. That choice led to a one year probation at MWS Girls' Residence. Through counselling support and therapy, the secondary one drop-out broke free of what used to tear her up. She also discovered a passion in cooking and went on to earn a certificate in culinary arts. She now works as a chef.

Family Again

Haziquah would resort to her fists when provoked, even being sent to a police lock up for beating up a girl who crossed her. Her delinquent ways landed her in MWS Girls' Residence, where the rehabilitation programme helped her to learn self control and to consider the consequences of her actions. She also reconciled with her family, whom she was estranged from. “We don’t fight anymore. Previously I would talk back to her, but not now. Now I respect her,” Haziquah said.

Starting Anew

Chanel was only five when her life started to unravel. Her father was killed and her mother was imprisoned for drugs-related offences. Chanel was abusing drugs and working for a loanshark by the time she was 17, before being arrested.

Counselling and rehabilitation at MWS Girls' Residence gave her a second chance to start anew. “I was given a second chance, which everyone hopes for but not everyone gets,” she said.

Not only did she find a job at a motion design agency, but more importantly in her road to recovery, she learnt to open up and care for others as well.

Girl Lost & Found

Barely 17, Jacqueline Pang was caught with her boyfriend splashing paint on doors of debtors for the loanshark he worked for.

Just a year earlier, she had dropped out of school which she found boring. Her parents worked shifts and long hours.

Jacqueline was sentenced to 30 month's probation at MWS Girls' Residence. By her own admission, she was uncooperative, aggressive and defiant at the beginning. The reflection, counseling and therapy process, that was mandatory for all girls at MWS Girls' Residence, gradually made an impact on Jacqueline. She started to consider and accept responsibility for past actions and decisions.

After she graduated from MWSGR, she worked part time as a waitress in the day and goes to night school. “I’m not looking too far, just thinking about one small goal at a time,” Jacqueline shared.

The Challenges

Juvenile delinquents and youths-at-risk are likely to come from dysfunctional families and are generally unmotivated in school, leading to insecurity and low self-esteem. They may fall under the influence of negative peers who give them the sense of belonging and attention they crave.

Factors Affecting Juvenile Delinquency


Weak Attachment
to Schools

Negative Peer

Involvement in
Youth Gangs

Common Youth Crimes

Shop Theft



Crimes of Violence

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