Many of our beneficiaries are going through hard times as more of them face unemployment or lower income, and use up whatever small savings they have. 

Many are feeling greater distress which affects family relationships and their mental and physical health.

We hope that you will remember the poor and in-need more than ever during this Christmas season.

Your gift will leave a positive mark on more than 8,000 lives!


Support a primary school child’s school expenses for a month


Sponsor rehabilitation
for an at-risk youth


Contribute to stimulating workshops that impart new skills to seniors


Provide financial assistance to 2 low-income families for a month


Contribute to 1 low-income resident’s stay at a nursing home

Our fundraising ratio of 6.7% is well below the 30% guidance set by the Charity Council.

This means that 93 cents of every dollar you donate go directly to our centres and programmes.