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MWS Whistle Blowing Policy



Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is committed to the highest standard of ethical behaviour and sound corporate governance. The whistle blowing policy (“Policy”) is adopted to ensure that members of staff would not suffer any detriment, or be fearful of the risk of reprisal, victimisation or other adverse repercussion, as a consequence of their raising their concerns in good faith.

This Policy complies with the Code of Governance and is intended to provide guidance to those who have concerns about possible irregularities or wrongdoing within the organisation.


The objectives of this Policy are to:

  1. deter wrongdoing or improper conduct
  2. provide avenues for individuals to raise concerns and receive feedback on any action taken
  3. give assurances of protection against detriment, reprisals, victimisation or other adverse consequences.


The scope of matters covered is intentionally left open. But as non-exhaustive illustration, examples of wrongdoing or misconduct that should be reported would include:

  1. Accounting, internal controls or financial improprieties
  2. Breach of legal obligation including negligence, breach of contract or fraud
  3. Abuse of power or authority
  4. Serious conflicts of interest without disclosure
  5. Offensive or improper conduct / behaviour

All employment contracts or terms of employment would be subject to this policy. Hence, a staff member should not be deterred from bringing up a matter even if he or she feels that this would be a breach of his or her employment contract or terms of employment.

Reporting Procedures

Issues / concerns may be raised in writing, marked “Private and Confidential” to:
Audit Committee Chairman
Methodist Welfare Services
70 Barker Road
Singapore 309936
OR email:

Written statement should include the following:
(a) Name, designation and contact
(b) Specific concern
(c) Reasons for the concern
(d) Background and history of the concern
(e) If concern has been raised before, with whom and why not satisfactorily resolved?


  1. The identity of whistle blowers will be kept strictly confidential.
  2. All matters reported under this policy will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated, and a full response will be given to the whistle blower as soon as possible. To safeguard the confidentiality of the report, any investigation will be conducted in a manner so that the identity of the whistle blower cannot be deduced or inferred.

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