Since young, Guan Liang had to face adversities that have followed him all his life. He was diagnosed with Spondylitis which causes inflammation in the spine. Soon after, his parents abandoned him. Struggling with multiple and complex challenges is a common underlying experience for all our beneficiaries. While the causes and manifestations are different, they erode hope, self-esteem, peace and health. 

The vision of Methodist Welfare Services’ (MWS) programmes and services is to empower beneficiaries with much-needed and appropriate resources to overcome their difficulties so that they may have life to the full.

Watch the video below or read on to find out more about Guan Liang’s journey with MWS as well as others whom we serve.

The Family He never had

Tan Guan Liang's Story

“I suffer from Spondylitis (an inflammation of joints of the backbone) since birth. My parents abandoned me when I was very young. I lived with my grandmother till her passing. After she died, I spent nights sleeping at the coffee shop where I worked at as I had nowhere else to go. 

I was then referred to MWS Christalite Methodist Home. I was only in my thirties then and stayed there for 20 years. I had a roof over my head, regular meals and fellow residents for companionship while I worked to support myself. 

Unfortunately, my illness got worse and doctors advised me to stop working to reduce the pain. Eventually in 2018, I was transferred to MWS Nursing Home – Yew Tee. The nurses, social workers and volunteers here are like the family I never had. I am thankful for the care and support I have received from MWS over the last 25 years. 

I am at peace because I know that my family here will care for me till the end. When my time is up, I trust that they will look after my last rites.”



Mdm Tsan's Story

“The days after losing my husband to cancer in 2018 were very difficult and bleak. His cancer diagnosis was a shock and when he left us in the same year, I was devastated. Our daughters were only 3 and 5 years old then. things got worse when I discovered that I had a cyst and needed surgery. The medical follow-up and costs took a toll on me as I was the sole breadwinner and caregiver of my daughters. 

Help came when my social worker referred me to a savings-matching scheme under the MWS Family Development Programme. For every dollar I saved, MWS would match with double. I set a monthly saving goal and persevered over 3 years, eventually graduating in February 2023 with $10,000 in the bank. I really appreciate this programme which made it possible to plan for my daughters’ future. I also feel less stressed and more secure in life. My hope for my daughters is that they will grow up healthy and happy, and that we can have a stable life as a family.”


Noelle's* Story

“Growing up in a troubled home, I suffered physical abuse from my father which left me traumatised and vulnerable. I was also bullied in school. Overwhelmed with stress, I resorted to self-harm to cope and eventually dropped out of school. When I was referred to MWS Girls’ Residence (GR), I was timid, distrustful and emotionally battered. 

My time at MWS GR changed my life. Through the counselling sessions, I learnt to manage my emotions and respond better to situations. I am also learning to trust others again and express my needs in a positive way. While I am unable to change my past, I feel empowered to make good decisions for my future. I am now working as an assistant teacher to young children. I am thankful for my family at MWS GR – the counsellors who believed in me and helped me get to where I am today.”

* not her real name

Whether it is in restoring safety for vulnerable women and children, strengthening the financial independence of families in distress or restoring dignity to the sick and frail, please give generously for our beneficiaries to enter and flourish in our circle of help, leave with positive endings and look forward to fresh beginnings. 

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