Creating Change Every Day (Monthly)

Creating Change Every Day

From: $5.00

You can help someone out of poverty. 40% of the poor only have a PSLE qualification. Their job stability is poor, and career progression non-existent. Low wages make ends difficult to meet. They also have the additional financial strain of supporting ageing elderly in the family. Skipping meals and eating poorly cause health and developmental issues. Higher susceptibility to illnesses affects their mental and emotional health.

Living hand-to-mouth is a daily affair, and the future often appears hopeless, affecting the next generation. Breaking out of poverty takes 2 – 3 generations, and they require strong and regular support.


GIVE A DONATION: Help someone out of poverty!

$1 a day, $30 a month can:

  • Help support a disadvantaged child’s school-going expenses for 1 month.
  • Sponsor one counselling and therapy session for an at-risk youth or a family in distress.
  • Help maintain the specialised rehabilitation gym for the health and wellness of our seniors.
  • Go towards matching debts cleared or savings made by a low-income family.

Just $1 a day (or $30 a month); or any amount you can give monthly helps greatly!

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