Empower Families to Weather Life’s Storms Today

Empower Families to Weather Life Storms today

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The recent GST hike has caused the cost of living in Singapore to rise even further. It is not hard to see that families and individuals from low-income backgrounds are affected the most. Many of these households either rely on a single income or wages from multiple low-end jobs.  What may seem like a basic necessity, such as a bed to get a restful night’s sleep, is but a dream.

One such family is Irene’s, a client of MWS Covenant Family Service Centre – Buangkok. Irene and her daughter slept on a worn-out mattress, wary of the exposed springs that could cause injury with every wrong movement. For families like Irene’s, the worries of daily living are like a constant storm that they cannot find shelter from. (Read more about her story overleaf)

At MWS, we aspire every day to empower people to break out of poverty in its different forms, from financial poverty, poor health, social support to fractured relationships, lack of opportunities and choices. Poverty not only affects the current generation but spans generations if they do not receive the much-needed support to break out of its vicious cycle.

Please give generously to help over 11,000 families and individuals like Irene to weather life’s storms with hope and dignity.

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