Give to Remove Uncertainty

Give to Remove Uncertainty

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During the pandemic, the disadvantaged and low-income families and individuals who are already living with many uncertainties found themselves facing even greater and deeper insecurities. These are often unseen realities of individuals who wake up not knowing if they are able to get the medical attention they need, put food on the table or still have their job.

MWS’ network of care is extended through 21 centres and programmes to support over 8,000 beneficiaries every day. This year, we estimated that $2.36 million is needed to provide critical and immediate help for individuals and families in need of emergency funds to tide them over. Beneficiaries have used these funds to cover essential daily living costs such as utilities, rentals, phone bills, food, milk powder, diapers and medical fees.

Will you donate generously to meet these and other specific needs?

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