Offer financial assistance for families

Offer financial assistance for families

From: $10.00

Many of our beneficiaries find it tough to make ends meet, especially when their debts exceed their income. Being in debt leads to extreme anxiety and negativity, which affects the whole family.

Studies have shown getting out of debt not only relieves anxiety, it also improves their decision making. Your gift enables them to pay for essential needs and more importantly, give them greater peace of mind.

Your donation will help families journey out of poverty and give them hope for a better future.

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We will honour your giving and generosity by using your donation effectively and we endeavour to channel your donation to a charitable cause of your interest. Each item that is required from the programme is representative of the needs of that programme and all donations will be used to provide assistance and meet needs as reflected on this page. In rare occasions where the total donation received for the selected programme of your choice exceeds what is needed, MWS reserves the right to redirect your donation to other programmes as listed on this page with other critical needs. Thank you for your generosity.

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