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Give to Positive Endings...and Fresh Beginnings

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Since young, Guan Liang had to face adversities that have followed him all his life. He was diagnosed with Spondylitis which causes inflammation in the spine. Soon after, his parents abandoned him. Struggling with multiple and complex challenges is a common underlying experience for all our beneficiaries. While the causes and manifestations are different, they erode hope, self-esteem, peace and health.

The vision of Methodist Welfare Services’ (MWS) programmes and services is to empower beneficiaries with much-needed and appropriate resources to overcome their difficulties so that they may have life to the full. Whether it is in restoring safety for vulnerable women and children, strengtheningthefinancial independence of families in distress or restoring dignity to the sick and frail, your support empowers MWS to do all this and more.  

Guan Liang is now 63 years old. MWS has taken care of him for over 25 years, through homelessness and sickness. Today, please remember him and over 9,000 beneficiaries struggling with hardship and adversity. Your gift allows them to enter and flourish in our circle of help, leave with positive endings and look forward to fresh beginnings. 

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