MWS Mending Every Crack

Mending Every Crack

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A few years ago, Sheryl* was working as a kitchen assistant to supplement the income of her husband who drove a taxi. During the pandemic, his income was badly hit. Then came the shattering news that her husband has cancer. Medical bills were stacking up on top of her three children’s education expenses. The cracks of anxiety and stress were palpable on her face. It didn’t take long to push their fragile existence over the edge. Sheryl resorted to self-harm to cope and thought of ending it all.

Families with complex and chronic issues like Sheryl’s need multiple types of interventions that tackle the root of their problems. In Sheryl’s case, she benefitted from casework counselling, parenting and marital support programme and a debt clearance scheme, 3 distinct yet integrated programmes run by multi-functional teams in MWS. MWS has created a unique continuum of family services from preventive, maintenance to remedial to help our families in need more effectively. This circle of help approach is also anchored in our eldercare services which range from home-based, community to residential care.

Please give generously to empower more than 9,000 MWS beneficiaries who are chronically ill, vulnerable seniors or families in distress or youth at risk and children with disadvantaged backgrounds.

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