The Giving Methodist (Monthly)

The Giving Methodist (Monthly)

From: $5.00

2022 continues to be challenging, particularly for the disadvantaged and distressed as the pandemic exerts a further toll on job security, income, family relationships, mental well-being and health. Many still face unemployment; families undergo greater stress due to reduced income and savings, or increased debts; and more people, including seniors, are at a greater risk of isolation – they feel lost in a raging storm with no end in sight.


As a Methodist family, let us spread hope this Lent! Take courage and step out of the boat in faith to uplift those who need help to ride out this storm. A gift of just $30 a month over 12 months can:
  • Support care given to low-income frail and chronically ill seniors
  • Help frail, home-bound seniors receive nursing and home care services in the familiarity of their own homes
  • Contribute to support distressed families with debt clearance and savings building
Your giving can impact the lives of more than 8,000 beneficiaries that MWS serves. Let us reach out to those struggling to stay afloat in these rough seas and step out in faith as a Methodist community.
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