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MWS Volunteers Share the Rewards of Giving Back

From running virtual bingo fundraisers to conducting adaptive sports for seniors, acts of giving by volunteers are what keeps MWS going. As the number of our services and beneficiaries continue to grow, we will need more volunteers to come journey alongside us in impacting the lives of more than 9,000 beneficiaries under our care. 

To encourage new friends to join hands in serving alongside us, MWS invited six existing volunteers to share about their volunteering journey during the Volunteer Sharing Day held on 30 July 2022.

About 50 people attended the hour-long inaugural online event.

Ang Lay Hong, a volunteer at MWS Christalite Methodist Home, shared that volunteering has made her less shy and more approachable. Hearing about the plights and challenges of the marginalised in society through her volunteer work also gave her a heightened compassion for them.

Another volunteer, Nani Mohamad, said volunteering with her fellow employees at LNRS Data Services has strengthened their relationships. Volunteering also keeps her grounded and appreciative of life, and gives her a sense of fulfillment from making a difference in people’s lives.

While the lack of skills might deter some from volunteering, Lay Hong shared that sometimes, all beneficiaries need is a friendly face or listening ear. “It makes them feel wonderful just to have someone willing to listen to them,” she said.

Deanna Tan, a volunteer with MWS Family Development Programme, echoed that sentiment. “I had a shift in perspective while working with low-income families – from being task-oriented and focused on solving problems, to learning how to just be there for them, as a friend.”

She added that having a community of people to volunteer with is also helpful. Most importantly, she advised: “Start anywhere; just start.”

Volunteer-turned-staff Brendon Yam agreed: “It’s not a problem even if you have no expertise. Just step up. There are lots of volunteering opportunities in MWS, and staff will help. Just start somewhere.”

A volunteer recruitment video was also shown during the event, and participants were quizzed on different elements of volunteering opportunities with MWS. 

MWS is unique because our services serve multiple causes. Our volunteers have the opportunity to make a difference in five impact areas – disadvantaged children; at-risk youth; the socially isolated; families in distress; and the chronically ill, frail and destitute.

With seven types of volunteering opportunities, our volunteers can choose the cause closest to their heart. These include helping with home improvement, providing support in reminiscence therapy, leading fitness or educational activities, and befriending our beneficiaries.   

Keen to join us in empowering the disadvantaged and distressed? Find out how you can contribute as a volunteer at or email us at

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