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MWS’ Workshop Champions Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Participants penning words of encouragement to support sexual abuse survivors during a workshop conducted at MWS Girls’ Residence

In June this year, social workers from MWS Family Service Centre – Tampines (TFSC) and MWS Girls’ Residence (GR) collaborated to run a workshop on sexual abuse for MWS GR residents. 

The workshop aimed to inculcate affirming truths and dispel myths around sexual abuse. Participants learnt that sexual abuse is a crime and never the survivor’s fault. They were also taught that everyone deserves to feel safe in their bodies, and that recovery has no template timeline or look. 

By engaging in open discussions and exploring practical scenarios in a safe environment, participants gained a deeper understanding of this very important but often undiscussed topic. One resident shared, “Recovery takes time. Some days are difficult, while others are easier.” 

Audrey Rajalingam, Head of MWS GR, said, “It’s a wonderful collaboration as it exposes FSC workers to the very palpable, tangible psychological holding of young women with early trauma.”

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