The COVID-19 pandemic season has impacted MWS in many ways.

We have seen a higher caseload of families seeking help. Daily sanitising of our facilities and the need for medical supplies to keep beneficiaries and staff safe have intensified. We have also stepped up to care for rough sleepers who are rehoused in Buangkok.

All these have increased our costs while donations have not risen in tandem. In the meantime, we continue to care for close to 12,000 existing beneficiaries through our 20 critical centres and programmes.

MWS is committed to maintaining our high level of service and care to everyone we serve as well as the new clients who come through our doors. Please donate generously to keep us going!

Stranded Singaporeans without a roof over their heads face a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 when they sleep on the streets.

Together with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, MWS is helping up to 180 rough sleepers secure permanent housing. This is in addition to our existing caseload of more than 5,000.

Youths who have suffered trauma live in greater fear and anxiety during this period.

MWS is supporting them through therapy and counselling, and standing in for their loved ones who cannot visit as frequently.

Unable to take part in social and community activities, many of our socially isolated seniors may be feeling depressed, and facing declining health.

MWS staff are calling the seniors under our care regularly to check on their well-being, and engaging with them with online activities.

Low-income families are experiencing higher stress and anxiety when they bring in less income or lose their livelihoods. They are likely to have mounting debt, increased health problems and relationship issues. Living in cramped conditions, their pre-existing family conflicts, abuse and violence may also escalate.

MWS is supporting many more families through counselling and casework, including those experiencing greater domestic violence.

At our MWS Nursing Homes, the health and safety of our residents and frontline care staff are our top priorities.

MWS has to expend more to pay for extensive disinfection, hygiene products, protective equipment, and medical care to ensure they stay well and safe.

Be the neighbour they need today!

To enable MWS to cover increased cost of medical supplies (infra-red & digital thermometers, alcohol swab sterile) & personal protective equipment to keep our residents and staff safe in our nursing and welfare homes.

To provide SIM cards and data plans for isolated seniors to stay connected to digitally streamed active ageing programmes.

To fund meals and cab fare for our care teams who are pulling extra shifts and have to avoid mass public transport to minimise infection.

To help with cost of hiring more locum doctors to care for the elderly sick, and social workers to work with the rough sleepers, at-risk youth and families in need.

Be the neighbour they need today!

Disclaimer: We will honor your giving by using your donation effectively by channeling it to meet specific needs. All donations will be used to provide assistance and meet the needs reflected in this appeal. In the event where the total donation received exceeds what is needed, MWS reserves the right to redirect your donation to other critical needs. Thank you for your generosity.

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